Privacy Policy – July 2019


Jockey is provided as a free, open-source app by Marverenic (Andrew Bailey). Its source code is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license at Throughout this document, “the app” and “the application” is defined as “Jockey”, and “you” – the reader – is defined as a user of the application.

This document details the policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information collected for the purposes of providing and improving the application. Your information is not shared with anyone except as described in this document. By using Jockey, you agree to the terms established in this document.

Information Collected

Jockey collects anonymized data when the app is in use. The data collected varies by app version.

Jockey 3.0 and Later

This section applies to version 3.0 RC 2 and higher (including stable version 3.0 and up). For older beta versions, see Jockey 2.2 and Earlier.

Jockey collects data when it is running related to application stability. Specifically, crashes and internal errors that occur while Jockey is running are reported to Bugsnag. These bug reports may also contain data including, but not limited to, device model and manufacturer, operating system version, memory and storage conditions, and application logs that may include information about how the app is being used. All data collected is subject to the Bugsnag privacy policy.

On version 3.0 and higher, Jockey does not collect specific statistics while it is in use. In previous versions of Jockey, such data collection was enabled and users could opt-out. The option to enable or disable statistic collection has been removed, and all installations of Jockey 3.0 or higher will no longer collect or send this data.

Changes that affect Jockey 3.0 do not affect any data that has previously been collected or will be collected by earlier versions of the app.

Jockey 2.2 and Earlier

Jockey collects data including crash reports, general analytics (for example, when the app is in use), and analytics for specific events (for example, when starting playback for a new track list). Each of these events may collect additional information about the device including, but not limited to, device manufacturer, device model number, Android version, and app version.

By using Jockey, you agree to provide these analytics. You may optionally opt-out of analytics for specific events when the app is started for the first time, or at any time from the settings page.

The data collected is used to inform development decisions based on feature usage and device demographics. This information does not personally identify users.

All information described in this section is collected through Crashlytics, and is subject to the terms specified in the Firebase privacy policy.

Changes to this Policy

This policy may be updated from time-to-time. You will be notified through the app when this happens. By continuing to use Jockey, you agree to the updated terms described in this document as it is revised.


July 2019

This document has been updated with changes for the upcoming release of Jockey 3.0. Specifically, this document has been updated to reflect the migration from Crashlytics to Bugsnag for crash reporting, and also contains updates to reflect that analytics are no longer being collected.

The dead Crashlytics privacy policy link has been replaced with a link to Firebase's privacy policy.

September 2018

Initial privacy policy.


If you have any questions about Jockey’s privacy policy, please do not hesitate to reach out by emailing